Who We Are

Founded in 1994, VHF Sales, Inc. (formerly Vest-Feld-Hazer) has over 100 years of combined Engineering, HVAC and Construction related experience.

VHF Sales, Inc. was founded with the goal to serve Iowa’s commercial, industrial and public sector facilities with excellent customer service, satisfaction and high quality and energy efficient HVAC and domestic water heating equipment and accessories. In Iowa and some of the surrounding states, we supply and support the needs of light commercial, high rise, farming, government and industrial applications. Early on, we recognized that our goal could only be met one way—by total dedication to our customers to supply extraordinary customer service coupled with the highest quality, energy saving HVAC equipment and accessories.

Dedicated To Serving your HVAC, Heating and Domestic Hot Water Needs

We show our dedication to the customer by having the best line-up of products, knowledgeable employees and quality on-going product support after the sale. We understand that building occupants, students, animals and process lines require equipment and support that have quick support or service. Whether you contract your service work or perform in-house maintenance, our products and parts are mostly manufactured in the United States, providing quick response to service, support and parts requests. We also provide both on-site training and have on-line training available.

The Best Approach Available

We have thousands of boilers, water heaters, heat exchangers, heat pumps and cooling towers located across Iowa. Why? Because you, our clients, have told us what you need from a HVAC manufacturer’s representative and we have been successful in meeting those needs. Engineers, Architects and Owners who want resources to correctly specify and design heating, hot water and ventilation systems have learned that VHF Sales, Inc. is a one stop opportunity to find quality equipment that will save operating expenses. We realize that one “type” does not fit every application. We represent manufacturers that provide multiple “models” and sizes of equipment to meet most commercial, industrial and public needs. Because we want you coming back, we will do everything we can to be sure you have the right part or equipment for the application needed.

Inside and Outside Sales, Start-up, Equipment Support, Parts and Technical Assistance

Whether you are a new account or a long time customer, we want to support you. Our inside staff ensures that you get prompt and reliable service each and every time you call the VHF Sales office. In addition, our service technicians and contractor network are available to assist with start-up and service after the sale. To back up our Iowa service network we believe we have the best manufacturer technical support teams in the nation. Our product owners, installation and service contractors often comment that we have the best manufacturer product help line support in the State of Iowa. Our inside support staff agree. We rarely have long hold times and the technicians are very knowledgeable. We also work with you to get parts quickly. When equipment is decades old, parts will need to be replaced. We use factory direct shipping, and we ship directly from our Grimes warehouse the common parts and accessories for boilers, heat pumps, and hot water heaters.

Design Assistance

The design tools, technical manuals and specifications provided by our international manufacturers provide VHF Sales, Inc. the capacity to assist in product selection and sizing for consulting design and design build projects. We also assist in plan review and load analysis to determine the requirements for the most effective and economical equipment in your building system. Our experience, coupled with the state of the art resources provided by our manufacturers, has allowed us to assist in the selection and design of hundreds of projects over the years. We want to assist in making sure you have the right equipment in your system to give you the best return on your capital investment.

Delivered Satisfaction

When a goal of customer service is coupled with our years of experience, knowledge of product lines, and a community of manufacturers dedicated to the highest quality energy efficient applications, Satisfaction is Delivered. The VHF Sales team strives to be the best choice in Iowa for all of your commercial, public and industrial HVAC and water heating needs.

Thank you for visiting our website. For information or pricing quotes on our systems and parts, please contact us today.