A Manufacturer’s Representative Firm Serving Iowa, Nebraska, and surrounding states with HVAC and Plumbing Equipment and Parts. Also serving Hawaii.

We represent high-quality manufacturers of HVAC and Plumbing Equipment. We also provide parts for the manufacturers we represent. We are here to assist you in sizing, selecting, and budgeting for your next project.

AERCO International

High-efficiency boilers, hot water heaters & parts
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The world leader in manufacturing and R&D of smart, high-efficiency condensing boilers and water heaters, steam-to-water (DHW) exchangers, and plate & frame domestic heaters.

Market served: Iowa


Geothermal & water-source heat pumps & parts
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The world's largest manufacturer making the most dependable water source heat pumps, RTUs, and DOAS units for schools, commercial, and industrial applications

Markets served: Iowa and Illinois (counties adjacent to Iowa)


Heat & Smoke Vents

Heat and smoke vents, access doors, filters, roof hatches, venting, GRDs

Markets served: Iowa, Nebraska, and Quad Cities


Anti-microbial cooling towers & parts
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Makers of "The Most Durable & Corrosion Proof Cooling Towers Available". Designed the first HDPE "polyethylene” cooling tower. The only proven HDPE tower with anti-microbial efficacy against Legionella bacteria and a 20-year warranty.

Markets served: Iowa, Quad Cities, Nebraska, and Hawaii


Vertical-style heat pumps & parts for schools
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Engineered for military service, vertical, wall-mounted water source heat pumps and humidity control options for classrooms, emergency shelters, and labs. Est. 1914.

Markets served: Iowa, Nebraska, and Hawaii


Classroom unit ventilators & duct systems
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Factory-built AL29-4C stainless steel and poly-propylene flue, pressure vent and duct systems for boilers, grease hoods, generators

Markets served: Iowa, Nebraska, and Quad Cities

Security Chimney

Flue systems for boilers, generators, grease hoods
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Features the AL29-4C flue system for condensing boilers, generators, and grease hoods; zero clearance applications. The unique draw latch locking system reduces installation time and creates a leak-free system.

Market served: Iowa and Quad Cities

USA Coil & Air

Replacement coils, chiller barrels, tube bundles
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Replacement or custom commercial coils, chiller barrels, fan coils, tube bundles, air handling units, unit heaters, cabinet unit heaters, and fluid coolers.

Market served: Iowa, Nebraska, and Quad Cities

Hays Fluid Controls

Automatic flow control valves, hose kits
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Automatic fluid control for the complex HVAC industry. Automatic and electronic flow controls and hose kit assemblies for fan coils, water source heat pumps, and chiller systems. .3 to 35,000 GPM.

Market served: Iowa


HVLS fans with DC motors, 6–24' & parts
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Attractive, industrial grade, ceiling-mounted, gearless DC motor and gear drive destratification fans (six to 24' diameter). Designed for energy savings and comfort with an industry best warranty.

Market served: Iowa

Evergreen UV

UV sterilization equipment & parts
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By Lumalier, the benchmark for ultraviolet light in-duct, upper-air, and surface pathogen reduction systems. Supporting healthy and sustainable designs for over 48 years.

Markets served: Iowa, Nebraska and surrounding states, and Hawaii

Pathogen Alert

Pathogen & Legionella Advance Warning systems, parts & cartridges
Pathogen Alert - Legionella Advance Warning

Monitors, samples, detects and reports harmful airborne pathogen contaminants.

Markets served: Iowa, Nebraska and surrounding states, and Hawaii

Scot Pump

Centrifugal pumps
Scot Pump

Made in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, Scot Pump has been manufacturing high-quality pumps for over 50 years. All types available: End suction, closed-coupled for OEM applications, heavy duty pumps systems for sump and sewage discharge, accessories and controls

Markets served: Iowa, Nebraska, Quad Cities, and Hawaii

Waterline Controls

Liquid level sensors
Waterline Controls

The most reliable and longest lasting option for water level control for HVAC, fire protection, waste water, and other water-based industrial and commercial applications.

Markets served: Iowa, Quad Cities, and Nebraska

Polar Global HVAC Systems

Fan coil systems, PTAC equipment
Sonkor Global PFWBC fan coil

HVAC Systems that offer the largest range of fan coil systems in the world, adapted to each specific market requirement, and with a wide variety of energy-efficient accessories and options. Also, high-quality low-cost PTAC equipment.

Markets served: Iowa, portions of surrounding states, and Nebraska


Heating, air conditioning, refrigeration

Celebrating 125 years in HVAC manufacturing. Manufacturer of the highest quality chillers, DOAS, VRF, thermal storage systems, and air handlers for HVAC and industrial sectors

Markets served: Iowa


Heating, air conditioning, refrigeration

Quality HVAC equipment with a competitive price! Fans, blowers, dampers, agriculture fans, louvers, HRVs, greenhouse fans and filtered fresh air supply systems, Agra-HVAC

Markets served: Iowa, Nebraska, and Quad Cities

American Wheatley HVAC

HVAC systems, parts, custom products

Triple-duty valves, suction diffusers, all tank types (bladder, buffer, feed, storage, flash), all separator types (air, sediment, air/dirt), strainers, all valve types, pump connectors; custom products, too!

Markets served: Iowa, Nebraska, and Quad Cities

Gaylord Ventilation

Kitchen ventilation systems

Commercial kitchen and lab ventilation options including pollution control, vapor hoods, and air demand ventilation control options

Markets served: Iowa, Nebraska, and Quad Cities

Lync by Watts

Water technology solutions

Advanced technologies and innovative designs are fused with industry-leading manufacturing expertise in Lync's complete, cost-effective water technology solutions. Lync's expertly engineered, fully integrated and assembled systems minimize planning, design and installation time while maximizing your return on investment.

Markets served: Iowa

Thermal Care

HVAC and AHRI systems

Industrial and AHRI chillers. Portable and modular central chiller systems. Adiabatic fluid coolers, Pump and reservoir skid systems and fiberglass evaporative cooling towers.

Markets served: Iowa, Nebraska, and QC

Precision Boilers

HVAC and industrial boilers

HVAC and industrial boilers. Skid packages and custom boiler systems. Electric, gas, oil, steam and jet electrode boilers. Non-condensing equipment, deaerators, feeders, flash tanks.

Markets served: Iowa and QC

Tuttle and Bailey

TABs, VAVs, and air handling coils

Terminal air boxes, variable air volume boxes and Hydronic Coils, GRDs

Markets served: Iowa and QC

Detection Group

Rapid detection and expandable water notification equipment

Rapid detection and expandable water notification equipment to provide complete coverage in minimizing the risk of water damage

Markets served: Iowa and QC


Fan coils

Horizontal, vertical, console, ceiling units, air handlers, vertical high rise units, water source heat pumps

Markets served: Iowa and Nebraska


Fan coil solutions

Hydronic fan coil equipment with full support for integration and replacement equipment. Vert stack, floor, horz and hi-performance

Markets served: Iowa, Nebraska, and QC

API Heat Transfer

Heat Exchangers & Food Processing Equipment

Shell/tube, plate/frame, plate/shell & braised plate heat exchangers, food processing equipment

Markets served: Iowa, Nebraska, QC

Camus Hydronics

Boilers & Water Heaters

Gas-fired medium to high efficiency copper tube and stainless-steel boilers and water heaters for all HVAC and industrial applications

Markets served: Iowa, Nebraska, and QC

WILO Pumps

HVAC Pumps & Systems

Pumps and systems for HVAC, water supply, drainage and sewage including booster, skids and multi-stage equipment

Markets served: Iowa, Nebraska, and QC

JJM Alkaline Technologies, Inc.

Condensate Neutralizers

Leading industry solution to addressing highly acidic condensate from condensing equipment

Markets served: Iowa, Nebraska, and Quad Cities


Venting Products

Venting products, GRDs, filters, and portable in-room air cleaning equipment

Markets served: Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Quad Cities

APV, an SPX Brand

Custom & replacement plate & frame heat exchangers & parts
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The creator of the original plate heat exchanger and world leader in providing custom-built heat exchangers and heat transfer systems for the commercial and industrial markets.

Markets served: Iowa & Quad Cities

Andre HVAC

Vibration, shock, and noise control
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Vibration, shock, and noise control products for HVAC and industrial applications. Anti-vibration pads, hangers, mounts, inertia bases, floating floor, expansion joints, wire rope isolators

Markets served: Iowa, Nebraska and Quad Cities

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